Police Detective Interviews Me About Teen’s Most Pressing Risks

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This summer my friend Sean McDowell introduced me to a police detective at a recent conference we all spoke at, and the three of us got a chance to hang out and talk about engaging young people in today’s culture,.

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Five Warning Signs of Teenage Depression

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“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18 As you are sitting in your office completing this week’s lesson, one of your students sends you the following text: “Can we talk?”.

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Creating a Life of Meaningful Prayer

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone and 5 minutes later you can’t remember what in the world the conversation was about? If that has happened to you, and it has most definitely happened to me, then it is.

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STDs at an all time high… again

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Last week it was all over the news, STDs at an all time high. Again! Yes… it was last November that the CDC first posted a press release revealing “STDs are at an unprecedented high.” (My post about this, and.

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New sexually explicit cartoon on Netflix

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The show is called Big Mouth, and it’s premiering on Netflix this weekend. It’s a cartoon about teenagers whose lives have been upended by the wonders and horrors of puberty. For those who think today’s young people aren’t exposed to.

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Is Snapchat and Snapmaps safe?

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It’s the number one app kids use, and it’s the number one app parents ask me about at my parent workshops. I hear it all the time: Is Snapchat bad? Should I let my daughter use Snapchat? Or more recently….

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Coming to a city near you

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Fall is always pretty busy with speaking, youth leader trainings and parent workshops. Take a peek at my upcoming schedule and see if I’m coming to a city near you: THIS WEEKEND- Sept 23, 24, New Hope Assembly Church, Rogers,.

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The words I’ve been waiting for…

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“In stock” I’ve had sooooooooo many parents asking me about this book for their teens/tweens… it’s so good to see it finally “in stock” ( over two weeks early). I received boxes of them Friday, and Amazon began shipping them.

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3 Crucial Student Ministry Events You Don’t Want to Miss This Fall

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I’d like to have all of you Youth Pastors out there take a deep breath. We made it! We’ve pushed through the scattered summer months and are getting settled into the start of the school year. More importantly, we now.

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Real People, Real Feelings, Real Sacrifices

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October is Pastor Appreciation Month. This is a month dedicated to appreciating the people who have influenced us, taught us, and sacrificed for us. However, it seems like this honorable month goes unnoticed within our congregations and I believe that.

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