• Have you ever been put in a situation that is beyond your control? In Matthew 6:25-30, Jesus calls us to a life of simplicity. We are called to be free in Christ. All He asks us to do is follow Him. Why do the […]

  • As youth leaders we know that social media is a powerful tool and can be used for lots of good—and the not so good. In this device-driven culture, students are often tempted to pre-judge the character of a p […]

  • One of my favorite bands is Need To Breathe. The end of one of the chourses for their song “The Outsider’s” goes like this: And through everything we’ve learned We’ve finally come to terms We are the outsiders […]

  • It’s one thing to feel pressure but another to be in despair at its presence and power.
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  • Can the teenagers in your church tell you what the inside of the sanctuary looks like when there isn’t a dodge ball game going on? Do they know what to do when the offering plate is passed their way? When was t […]

  • We asked four seasoned youth workers one simple but pressing questions: What does teen spirituality look like? Here’s what they said…
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  • Katy Perry’s back on the charts with her brand new album, Witness, which will debut straight to No. 1 tomorrow on the Billboard 200 Album Chart.
    What will our kids hear from Katy this time around? More i […]

  • Last month a youth pastor friend called and left me a message:
    Jonathan, we have a teen who sent a naked pic of himself to some girls at his school (Christian school), and now everyone at the school has seen it. […]

  • We have posted some really helpful free resources in the last month or two. I wanted to highlight a few in case you missed them.
    NOTE: Whenever I meet any of you in person at conferences and events around the […]

  • This month I was interviewed by Host Maggie Johns on Canadian TV show 100 Huntley Street about my parenting mistakes… and what I’d do over.
    The interview provides good news for parents. We’ve all made mista […]

  • Do your kids resonate with 13 Reasons Why?
    Do they ever feel, or have any friends who feel bullied, teased, mocked, or pushed too far?
    My longtime blog readers might remember me talking about a book I have been […]

  • Many of you have been asking me about the free 7-week parenting curriculum I announced on social media last month.
    It’s here!
    We just uploaded the first two videos to our “If I Had a Parenting Do Over” playl […]

  • Suicide, upskirt photos, social media, bullying… it’s almost as if someone posted a hidden camera in the hallways of the high school down your street. The realism is a little too close to home, and parents are beg […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Alone 2 months ago

    Yesterday I sat in a restaurant on my drive back from a speaking engagement and voices grew loud behind me.
    “You don’t understand!”
    “I understand perfectly. You’re failing.”
    The voices were growing loud enough […]

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