• “This kid gets bullied a lot.”
    I’m wrapping up my book to parents about bullying, and in the last few months it’s been literally insane how many times I’ve turned on the news to see exactly what I’m writing abo […]

  • One of the Ways Churches Chew Up and Spit Out Volunteers
    Have you ever been confronted, criticized or “corrected” for something you did as a volunteer?
    Yesterday a good friend of mine called me up discouraged lik […]

  • In two hours (at 9AM Pacific time) several thousand parents will receive our FREE “Parenting Help” email which always contains three helpful resources for today’s parents. Take a peek… because you might want to […]

  • The song has been on the top of the charts for 20 weeks now peeking at No. 4, currently at No. 10. It’s called “No Limits”… and it truly lives up to the title. A song where the chorus simply repeats, “Ayy, y […]

  • It’s almost Super Bowl time… and that means our annual free BIG GAME Quiz! And this year… we’ve also included a free SlideShow game as an alternative!
    For those of you have been following TheSource4YM.com for the […]

  • “How can I become the best youth pastor possible?”
    Wow! Talk about your huge questions! I just received that exact question in an email. Well, actually, he asked…
    Can you please give me your best advice on how t […]

  • When we hear the words “Pro-Life” we, most likely, associate the phrase with the fight against abortion. Our thoughts conjure up a picture of conception, pregnancy, and birth. We gravitate towards arguments and […]

  • admin wrote a new post, voices unheard 1 month ago

    An overweight boy called “lard-ass” daily.
    A girl physically assaulted because she liked the wrong guy.
    A crowd of kids taunting a kid with a prominent red birthmark on his face, “Hey Kool-Aid!”
    An overwei […]

  • Life moves faster than you think. Breaking news usually becomes old news in just 24 hours. By the time I plan to see a movie in the theatre, it’s often no longer showing. I don’t embrace change all that well, but […]

  • It’s always nice to be included in a list of great influencers… and I was humbled to be in the mix in this year’s Top 40 Youth Ministry Blogs list posted last week (even though they somehow think we only post […]

  • It’s a question kids are asking, and a question Moms don’t quite know how to answer.
    Similar to the question, “Mom, is Chance the Rapper a Christian?” …you can’t help but wonder, who am I to even answer that […]

  • No… not my actual face…our websites!
    I guess a New Year means a new look. We’ve been busy working behind the scenes to make free resources even easier for you to find. So enjoy the new look and new top bar navig […]

  • I can’t always predict which of my articles will resonate with you all as readers—some of these caught me by surprise. But here are the top 10 trafficked blog posts you guys read this year. (Can you guess whi […]

  • This year, YouthWorker has decided to offer a free gift to all of our hard-working Youth Pastors. Below is a downloadable and completely customizable Student Ministry Calendar for you to use to plan your Winter […]

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